Franchise CRM – Franchise Management System

The franchise management system built from the ground-up for a franchise network.
Key benefits

IconFull visibility on your franchisees

IconYour whole business in one place

IconTop level reporting including finances

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Franchise CRM system

The Franchise CRM of choice for your business

Xeus has been designed and built from the ground up to be a world leading Franchise CRM and ERP system.

With our unique inter-company architecture you too can benefit from a CRM that fits your franchise hierarchy with multiple separate companies in your CRM; enabling you to have the fastest and easiest view of your whole organisation and your franchisees in one place.



Manage your franchise crm
Your franchise business structure, not ours

The franchise business structure takes many forms, from fast food chains to business consultancy there are thousands of franchised businesses all with a new take or angle on how their franchise is different.

With Xeus you can rapidly adopt a CRM for your franchised business, and if you need it your system can be configured and customised to a high level to fit your business processes by a Xeus Certified Partner.



Top level reporting on your franchise network

With your dashboard you can easily see all of the activity within your franchise network. From top (or bottom) performing franchisees to reports on revenue, sales, cash positions or even reports on compliance or quality – all in real time.



visibility on franchise performance

Visibility on performance

With all of your franchisees using your franchise CRM system to manage their businesses you get instant access to every aspect of their business performance. In this way you can easily reduce your expenditure on franchise support, and focus on business areas or franchisees that need your attention.



Franchise ERP

At the top end you can engage with a Xeus Certified Partner to extend your franchise CRM to become a franchise ERP, encompassing your business systems and processes in one place to give you end-to-end coverage. These ERP systems generally need designing and supporting by a business that can also help migrate your existing franchisees onto the new system.

For more information firstly sign up for a free trial, and then contact us so we can put you in touch with a local Xeus certified partner who specialises in franchise networks.



Franchise fees

Many franchise networks operate franchise fees differently, however you charge your franchisees you can do it with the Xeus Franchise Edition.

With full control over Management Service Fees on turnover or goods and services to Transfer Pricing on supplies and any other inter-franchise billing the rules can be setup and implemented in your franchise CRM so that by using the system your franchisees are inherently following your processes.




Your business data

Over time most franchised businesses will see franchisees come and go, and the last thing you want to happen is for one of your franchisees to leave – with all the data.

With Xeus the entire business of your franchisee is stored in one place, and the data is in your system. In this way whether you need to terminate a franchise or it is resold to new ownership the continuity of that franchises’ operation is not compromised.



franchisee attrition prevention
Franchisee attrition prevention

With a solid franchise business system in place your franchisees will have their entire business within your platform. This means that they are totally reliant on your CRM to operate their business, hugely reducing the risk of franchisees going off and replicating your business model elsewhere or leaving thinking they can do it without you.



Different types of franchisee

Some franchise networks are made up of different types of franchisee, or franchisees that have slightly different contracts that have changed over time.

This is something that can easily be overcome in Xeus either wholesale – by creating a new ‘type’ of franchise within the system, or on a franchise-by-franchise basis where there might be historic ‘sweet-heart’ deals or agreements in place around pricing, support or supply of goods for example.

Whatever the intricacies, adopting Xeus will systemise your approach to running your whole franchise network.



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