Rapidly setup your data

Setting up Customers, Products, Services, Resellers and more is quick and easy.



Customer Records

You can easily setup a Customer Record, and create customer Segments as needed. This enables you to easily filter, report or manage your system as your business currently works.

Labels and Segments that work for you

Create labels and segments within your data, such as 'Resellers' or maybe if you're a cleaning company 'Cleaners'. Easily label and create segments within Xeus.

Franchises, Resellers and Partners

However your business model works Xeus can be configured to manage complex networks and inter-company relationships. This is an advanced feature and you may need a Xeus Partner to help with the configuration.

Quote and Sale Records

Within Xeus sales are a special Record Type (since you take money). But you can store any information you like against a Sale Record. Quotes in Xeus are simply 'Sales' that haven't gone through yet.