Importing your data

Migration of your data is simple and easy to do.



Importing from .xls or .csv made easy

Excel and .csv files can be simply and quickly imported into your Xeus and because the fields are editable, you won’t have to reconfigure the data you already have to try and make it fit.

Export failed rows to investigate issues

Rows sometimes fail if the data looks wrong to Xeus. For example if you've put a telephone number in the username field. Easily export only the failed rows to investigate, fix and re-import.

Map your data on import

Simply select which field you want to map your data to by selecting the field from the drop down at the top of the column once you've uploaded your file. Once you're happy you can kick-start the import and see it's progress in action.


Should you have an issue with how you've mapped the import, then you can easily abort the import and give it another go.